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October 17-20, 2013

Consignor Registration Now Open!

Charity Fundraiser

Oct. 16, 2013

Tickets Now Available!

Over 17,000 items

150 consignors

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Dress on a Dime Phoenix, AZ is the ulti­mate bar­gain shop­ping expe­ri­ence! An amaz­ing semi-annual, 4-day “pop-up” shop­ping event! We fea­ture new and nearly-new ready-to-wear and designer cloth­ing for women, 0 to plus sizes, shoes, purses, acces­sories, all for a frac­tion of retail price. Come join us to shop through over 10,000 items from over 100+ con­signors. Fash­ion­istas of all sizes and styles will enjoy our fun and orga­nized shop­ping event! Want to be in the know? Join our mail­ing list to keep informed of our lat­est event news, pre­views, give-aways & more.

   FALL 2015 EVENT

Octo­ber 17–20, 10am-7pm

*Sun­day, Oct. 20, 10am-5pm = 50% off most items!

900 Graves Avenue

Oxnard, CA 93030

(101 Fwy to Rice Ave., 2nd right on Latigo, 2nd left on Graves)

Fundraiser/Pre-Shopping Event = Oct. 16

Pri­vate pre-sale for con­signors and vol­un­teers = Oct. 16


900 Graves Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030

Shop­pers, Con­signors, Vol­un­teers & Vendor/Sponsors Wanted!! Online reg­is­tra­tion for par­tic­i­pa­tion opens June 20, 2013. Last day to enter items for event is Oct. 13, 6pm. Check out our FAQ’s info below for full details on shop­ping, con­sign­ing, vol­un­teer­ing and info on spon­sors and charities.



Q: What can I expect from a Dress on a Dime Ven­tura event? A: Part of the adven­ture is you never know what you’ll find at Dress on a Dime Ven­tura Women’s Con­sign­ment Events. We are very care­ful to inspect every item that arrives at our sale to ensure that every­thing is clean, with­out stains, and meets cur­rent styles. All items are orga­nized so that it is easy to shop and find the sizes and types of items you are look­ing for. There will be no dig­ging in boxes and no tables of messy cloth­ing. Cloth­ing are orga­nized and hung on racks.

Shop­pers Tips: •Try it on — we will have dress­ing rooms with mir­rors at our event. •Lines at the dress­ing rooms can get long — wear a skirt or leg­gings to try on pants or jeans, wear a tank top to try on shirts. •We accept cash, and also credit cards for pur­chases over $20.00 (no checks accepted). •All Sales Final! No returns or exchanges!

Q: Is there a fee to attend the event? A: There is no fee to attend a Dress on a Dime Ven­tura event. (There is a ticket fee to attend the Dress on a Dime Ven­tura Char­ity Fash­ion Show/Shopping Party.)

Q: How do I get passes to the exclu­sive, pri­vate pre-sale event? A: We actu­ally have 7 ways to get a pre-sale pass. •Con­sign! Con­signors receive a pass to the pre-sale and can bring one guest. •Vol­un­teer! Vol­un­teers receive one pass to the pre-sale. •Like us on Face­book! We give away pre-sale passes on Face­book. •Join our mail­ing list! We have con­tests where you can win a pre-sale pass. •Become a Ven­dor! Vendors/Sponsors receive a pass to the pre-sale. •Do some Mar­ket­ing! Peo­ple who step up and do extra mar­ket­ing for our event out in the com­mu­nity and/or get Dress on a Dime Ven­tura an inter­view for the newspaper/radio/TV receive a pass to the pre-sale. •Pur­chase tick­ets to our Char­ity Fash­ion Show/Shopping Party — tick­ets are very limited!

Q: When is the 50% OFF sale? A: SUNDAY IS HALF PRICE DAY! Most items are marked at 50% off the last day of our event (con­signors deter­mine whether their items will sell at 50% off). On the sales tag it will say NO DISCOUNT if item is not 50% off.

Q: How can I pur­chase Dress on a Dime Ven­tura gift cer­tifi­cates? A: Dress on a Dime Ven­tura gift cer­tifi­cates are a great gift idea when you are look­ing to give some­thing unique. Con­tact us by phone (805–258-8776) or email (email hid­den; JavaScript is required) to pur­chase a gift cer­tifi­cates. Gift cer­tifi­cates are also avail­able for pur­chase at our sales. They never expire and can be used on full or 1/2 priced items.


Q: Why should I con­sign? A: Con­sign­ing is a great way to earn money (in this econ­omy, it’s per­fect!) and clean out your closet! That blouse you never had an occa­sion to wear, last year’s office party out­fit or per­haps you bought those gor­geous shoes but, a size too small, all these items are per­fect for con­sign­ment at our events! •Earn 65–75% of the sell­ing price. •Make some extra money for the hol­i­days! •Receive pre-sale event passes for you and a friend. •You deter­mine the price! •Orga­nize your closet by con­sign­ing items you don’t wear. •With our online sys­tem (sim­ple & user-friendly), you input info and price, print and tag items, all right from your home. •You don’t have to be present to sell your items. You prep it, tag it and drop it off. We do the rest! •You man­age, mon­i­tor and track your inven­tory with an easy to use online pro­gram that is updated nightly dur­ing the event. •Ben­e­fit from Dress on a Dime Ventura’s wide­spread adver­tis­ing and sell more of your items. •Unsold items are wait­ing for you OR donated to won­der­ful local char­i­ties. •Con­sign­ment checks are mailed within 2 weeks from close of event. Q: I have never done any­thing like this. How does it work? A: First you will need to reg­is­ter (click “Become a con­signor” icon from Home page) and receive your con­signor num­ber. •Clean out your clos­ets and iden­tify new and nearly new, qual­ity, ready-to-wear, brand name & designer cloth­ing, shoes and acces­sories (please refer to the list of accepted items below). •Pre­pare your items, print your tags with bar codes and apply to your items (instruc­tions are pro­vided). •Drop off your items dur­ing the des­ig­nated drop-off hours. •Bring a friend and shop the exclu­sive pre­sale. •Pick up any unsold items fol­low­ing the sale or you may choose to donate unsold items to local char­i­ties. •Receive a check within two weeks of the sale.

Q: How do I get started? A: Read all the info below, then from the Home page click on “Become a Con­signor”. *IMPORTANT* Once you have reg­is­tered, you will receive all con­signor instruc­tions (with details on enter­ing, pric­ing and tag­ging your items), com­mu­ni­ca­tions and updates through emails. Please take the time to read these very impor­tant emails!

Q: What does the $15.00 Con­sign­ment reg­is­tra­tion fee cover? A: The fee goes toward the loca­tion rental, adver­tis­ing, insur­ance, table rentals, soft­ware, etc. You can earn your con­sign­ment fee for free by refer­ring 3 con­signors that par­tic­i­pate in our sale.

Q: How much money can I make? A: You will auto­mat­i­cally get 65% of the profit from your sale items. Items are offered for sale at full-price dur­ing the pre-sale and the first 3 pub­lic sale days and if marked to dis­count they will be sold at 50% off on Sat­ur­day. You will earn 65% of the price they are sold. You can earn up to 75% by vol­un­teer­ing extra shifts and/or help­ing with mar­ket­ing. At our Spring event the aver­age amount made by our con­signors was $350, with some con­signors mak­ing well over $1,000.

Q: Can’t vol­un­teer, but want to increase your sales? A: We rec­og­nize not every­one is avail­able to vol­un­teer dur­ing our des­ig­nated hours so we have pro­vided some other alter­na­tive vol­un­teer options. Qual­ify for one 3-hour vol­un­teer shift (addi­tional 5% of your sales=70% com­mis­sion) by doing any of the fol­low­ing: •Dis­trib­ute fly­ers or put up posters at 15 busi­nesses women fre­quent such as salons, gyms, cof­fee shops, day care/preschool, schools, doctor’s offices, restau­rants, clean­ers, etc. •Fea­ture our sale in a highly seen newslet­ter or link on a busy busi­ness web page. (Face­book or per­sonal web pages do not apply for extra hours) •Receive 75% com­mis­sion by pro­vid­ing Dress on a Dime Ven­tura with a media con­nec­tion lead­ing to an inter­view with local paper, tele­vi­sion or radio sta­tion. •We are open to addi­tional pro­mo­tional ideas which might help our sale and in return help you increase your sales. Please con­tact us!

Q: What are my Con­sign­ment Options? A: There are four ways to par­tic­i­pate as a con­signor: 1.DOADV Con­signor –You enter your inven­tory into our online inven­tory sys­tem (extremely sim­ple & user friendly), tag, hang and deliver your items to the sale. Make 65–75% com­mis­sion and receive a pre-sale pass for you and a friend. 2.Designer Con­signor (A.K.A. Too Busy to Tag Pro­gram) — Made espe­cially for the uber busy woman! You drop off your washed, clean and ready to sell items at least 6 weeks before our sale at your pri­vate, pre-arranged appoint­ment. We will hang, tag and price them for you. You receive 35% com­mis­sion and a pre-sale pass for you and a friend. 3.Boutique Con­sign­ment — Per­fect for Bou­tique –and– Con­sign­ment Bou­tique own­ers with over­stock to sell! Take advan­tage of this oppor­tu­nity to sell your over­stock through us. Please con­tact us for spe­cific details. 4.Philanthropic Con­sign­ment — Our Full Dona­tion Con­sign­ment (Phil­an­thropic Con­sign­ment) allows you to donate directly to your orga­ni­za­tion. Phil­an­thropic Con­signors (Non-Profit Orga­ni­za­tions) reg­is­ter online to par­tic­i­pate with Dress on a Dime Ven­tura. Phil­an­thropic Con­signors will pro­vide 15 hours of vol­un­teer time, tag, pre­pare & drop off the items for sale and 80% of the sales price will be donated to their 501c3 Organization.

Q: Isn’t it a lot of work to pre­pare items? A: It does take effort, but we think it’s bet­ter than prepar­ing for a yard sale. Clean­ing and tag­ging does take time if you have a lot of items, that’s why we encour­age you to start early. Do a lit­tle every day. The bet­ter the pre­sen­ta­tion of the item, the bet­ter it will sell. You may also want to take some time to research and deter­mine the right sell­ing price. Your items will sell if it looks great and is priced right.

Q: Have a bunch of great clothes, shoes and acces­sories to con­sign, but can­not find the time to tag? A: Don’t worry, we’ll do it for YOU! Our Designer Con­signor Too Busy to Tag Pro­gram, pays con­signors 35% of their earn­ings. This pro­gram is lim­ited and avail­able on a first come first serve basis. Dead­line to drop off items: March 20, 2013. Rules and reg­u­la­tions: 1.You must have at least 30 items to par­tic­i­pate. 2.Brands accepted into the Designer Con­signor Too Busy to Tag Pro­gram include: Banana Repub­lic, J Crew, Ann Tay­lor, Top Depart­ment Store spe­cialty brands, Bou­tique & Designer Brands and many oth­ers that fall into this same price point and higher. (Brands of lower qual­ity than the above men­tioned labels above will not be accepted.) To get started: 1.You must read and agree to Dress on a Dime Ven­tura con­signor terms and con­di­tions. 2.Agree to pay the $25 Too Busy to Tag reg­is­tra­tion fee to cover reg­is­tra­tion, costs for card­stock, printer ink, hang­ers, and labor. Pay­ment will be taken out of final con­signor com­mis­sion check. 3.Arrange date and time for item drop off at spec­i­fied loca­tion via email or phone. 4.All items will be dis­counted on the last day at 50% off, unless oth­er­wise spec­i­fied. 5.We’ll tag and price your items for you. 6.We’ll take care of deliv­ery to and place­ment of your items at the event. 7.Decide if you would like your items donated after the sale. 8.Remember: If items are NOT deemed DONATE, con­signors MUST come to pick up their items dur­ing spec­i­fied con­signor drop off hours the last day of the sale. 9.As a con­signor, you will be able to shop the Exclu­sive Con­signor Pre-Sale Event! Q: Is there a min­i­mum and/or limit to how many items I may con­sign? A: You need to have at least 30 items to reg­is­ter, receive a con­signor num­ber and con­sign with us. Each con­signor num­ber has a limit of 300 items; how­ever, there is no limit to how many con­signor num­bers you may reg­is­ter for.

Q: Can I use a con­signer num­ber from a dif­fer­ent sale? A: Yes, all Dress on a Dime events are affil­i­ated, tags and con­signor num­bers all work at the dif­fer­ent locations.

Q: Do I need to stay with my items dur­ing the sale? A: No. We take care of the sale for you! You drop off your items and we do the rest. If you want to be a worker, we wel­come your help! Sign up for a shift… or two!

Q: What hap­pens to my unsold items? Con­signors may take back any of their items that do not sell and try to sell them at the next Dress on a Dime Ven­tura event (tags remain effec­tive). If you do not want to take back your items, items will become prop­erty of DOADV and will donated to local char­i­ties. Pick up of unsold items is the day after the sale ends.

Q: Where do I log in to my account after I reg­is­ter? A: From the Ven­tura loca­tion page, click on “Con­signor Login” to access your account.

Q: What items do you accept/not accept at your sales? A: We accept CURRENT (pur­chased within the last 2–3 years) new and gen­tly used items that are in excel­lent con­di­tion and free of stains and tears. We accept petite to plus sizes. •Casual Wear: Shirts, sweaters, blouses, pants, shorts, skirts, jeans and capris. •Pro­fes­sional Wear: Suits (skirt and pant suits), jack­ets and blaz­ers. •Active Wear: Yoga tops, jogging/sweat suits, pants, capris, shorts and jack­ets. •Acces­sories: Hand­bags, wal­lets, hats, belts, scarves, gloves, sun­glasses, shoes and jew­elry. •Paja­mas sets and robes •Cos­tumes & Christ­mas sweaters! The fol­low­ing items will NOT be accepted: •Items pur­chased more than 3–5 years ago (such as items with shoul­der pads, cropped shirts, dated flo­ral prints, high-waisted or tapered leg pants). •Items that smell. •Shrunken, faded, wrin­kled or mis­shapen gar­ments. •Mater­nity items. •Wed­ding gowns. •Lin­gerie, neg­ligees, under­gar­ments. •Advertisement/travel shirts, cut-off shorts, over­alls, slip­pers, bathing suits and socks. Our shop­pers are look­ing for qual­ity, con­tem­po­rary, designer, or vin­tage items for women of all sizes! Be selec­tive when choos­ing items for con­sign­ment. Our selec­tion cri­te­ria ranges from Depart­ment store brands to High End bou­tiques. DOADV holds final approval on all items included in the sale.

Q: Is there any impor­tant con­signor “dead­lines” I should be aware of? A: The last day to reg­is­ter online as a con­signor is Fri­day before drop offs. The last day to input item info into com­puter sys­tem is Sun­day of drop off week­end – NO EXCEPTIONS, please plan accordingly.

Q: Where can I get a tag­ging gun? A: You can find tag­ging guns online for less than $15.00.  Please order asap as some com­pa­nies ship­ping can take a week or so.

Q: Where can I get hang­ers? A: You can find hang­ers for free at many local dryclean­ers or uni­form com­pa­nies, or on sale at Wal­Mart, Kmart or 99 Cent store. We will pro­vide pant hang­ers at drop-off for pants and skirts.

Q: Will my hang­ers be returned to me? A: Yes (kind of). We let our con­signors take home the same amount of hang­ers they brought to their drop off appoint­ments. We rec­om­mend using generic hang­ers, as we can­not guar­an­tee that you’ll get the same ones you brought in.

Q: Do men really con­sign? A: You bet­ter believe it! Two qual­i­ties that both gen­ders share are van­ity and fru­gal­ity. We will be accept­ing men’s cloth­ing, shoes and acces­sories — brand new and designer brands ONLY!

Q: If I donate my items, can I get a tax form? A: Yes, we are happy to pro­vide tax forms to our con­signors who gen­er­ously donate.


Q: I do not have items to sell, can I still be involved? A: Many qual­ity vol­un­teers are needed to run a smooth event. Vol­un­teers assist with setup/take down, con­signor drop off, inspec­tions, orga­nize the sale and direct shop­pers. •Vol­un­teers earn pre­sale passes for early shop­ping. •If you vol­un­teer 3, 3-hour shifts you will receive a $10.00 gift cer­tifi­cate to spend at our event as a “Thank you!” Vol­un­teers will help at the sale by: •Setup/take down •Assist­ing with con­signor drop offs and inspec­tions •Arrang­ing mer­chan­dise •Assist­ing with dress­ing rooms •Keep­ing sale areas orga­nized •Man­ning the hold or jew­elry area •Help­ing with check-out •Keep­ing an eye out for theft Vol­un­teers work three hour shifts. Please note there may be light lift­ing dur­ing the set-up and take-down shifts. If you sign up to vol­un­teer we ask that you honor your com­mit­ment as we count on all vol­un­teer shifts to be filled allow­ing the sale to oper­ate smoothly. As much as we love chil­dren, they are not allowed dur­ing your vol­un­teer time. We have met the most won­der­ful women who have gen­er­ously donated their time to our event. Thank you to every­one who has helped at our past events. We can’t wait to see our friends from last sale and meet new ones this year! From the home page, click on “Vol­un­teer” to get started.

Q: Why Vol­un­teer? A. Vol­un­teer­ing is fun! Get your girl­friends together and vol­un­teer as a group! •Vol­un­teers receive a VIP PRESALE PASS to shop early! •Con­signors who vol­un­teer have the oppor­tu­nity to earn an addi­tional 5% of their sales.


Q: I have a busi­ness I would like to pro­mote. Can you help me? A: Part­ner­ing with Dress on a Dime Ven­tura is a great way to reach women in the area and intro­duce them to your business.

Q: Does your busi­nesses tar­get audi­ence WOMEN? Work­ing pro­fes­sion­als, moth­ers, grand­moth­ers, col­lege stu­dents, etc.? A: Our shop­pers have a great sense of fash­ion and style. •They pride them­selves in their appear­ance. •They love to shop and are look­ing for a bar­gain. Maybe your busi­ness can help them.… Dress on a Dime Ven­tura con­nects local busi­nesses with women in the area. Pro­vide a busi­ness card/flyer, prod­uct sam­ple, busi­ness pro­mo­tion, spe­cial offer or adver­tise­ment to be included in our gift bags. Our first 300 shop­pers will receive a gift bag. Or con­sider hav­ing a table at our event to really con­nect with our shop­pers. If you are inter­ested in pro­mot­ing at one of our upcom­ing sales or fash­ion events, there are many options avail­able, Please con­tact us!


Q: What local char­i­ties does Dress on a Dime Ven­tura Part­ner with? A: Dress on a Dime Ven­tura is proud to help local non-profit orga­ni­za­tions by con­tribut­ing unsold items con­signors have marked for dona­tion. These orga­ni­za­tions help women and fam­i­lies in our com­mu­ni­ties and greatly appre­ci­ate your help. Char­i­ties are cho­sen from each com­mu­nity based on their com­mit­ment to improv­ing the lives of women.


About Us

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We’ve always been bar­gain shop­pers and loved see­ing how far we could stretch a dol­lar. We loved going to thrift stores, out­lets, and close­out sales. So when we found the Dress on a Dime con­sign­ment event, we were hooked! We sat and talked, we loved the con­sign­ment con­cept — recy­cle used cloth­ing, earn extra money, find great bar­gains, donate to charities-everyone wins! We look for­ward to bring­ing Dress on Dime to Ven­tura county. We’ve had a great response to our sales idea — con­sign­ers are thrilled to be able to make extra money on clothes they no longer wear and women that shop love the thought of great deals and designer name bar­gains. Hope to see you at the next Dress on a Dime Ven­tura event!