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Fall Sale Dates

San Fernando Valley TBD

Santa Clarita TBD

Long Beach TBD

Clean out your closet and make some cash!

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What is Dress on a Dime?

What is Dress on a Dime?

Dress on a Dime is the largest women’s con­sign­ment sale in the Los Ange­les area.  The semi-annual sale fea­tures new and gen­tly used cloth­ing, shoes, purses and acces­sories for a frac­tion of retail price.


Want to update your wardrobe but are on a bud­get?  Shop through thou­sands of items at our resale bou­tique for amaz­ing deals.  Our sales are beau­ti­fully mer­chan­dised for an easy shop­ping expe­ri­ence.  We carry every­thing you need for a day at the office or a night on the town.   You will find the trendi­est new styles at up to 90% off the retail price.  Bring a friend and pre­pare to be amazed at the great deals you will find and the money you will save.


Want to make some extra money?  Con­signors earn up to 70% of the sell­ing price.  You set the price and get paid within 2 weeks.  Dress on a Dime is a 4 day event, so no wait­ing months for your clothes to sell at a con­sign­ment store or the has­sle of orga­niz­ing a garage sale.  Sim­ply tag the items, bring them to the sale and let us do the rest.  Is is an easy way to clean your closet and earn extra money!  Con­signors also shop the pri­vate pre-sale before the pub­lic for the best selection.

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  • Dress on a dime is a great way to stretch your budget. I never miss a sale. I especially love to shop on Sunday and save an extra 50%

    Sara from Valencia

  • Great way to find some unique things at affordable prices. Can't wait for the next one!


  • Most amazing place to shop for clothes, shoes and purses. I am addicted!

    Janell from Santa Clarita

San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Valley - Next event November 2014. Visit the SFV page for more information.

San Fernando Link

Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita - Next event October 16-19. See Santa Clarita sale page for more details.

Santa Clarita Link


Long Beach - Next event Fall 2014. See Long Beach page for more details.

Long Beach Link