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Becoming a Consignor

Becom­ing a con­signor with Dress on a Dime is easy and there are many ben­e­fits to con­sign­ing.  Do you need to orga­nize your closet?  Want to find new ways to recy­cle or make some extra money?

Con­signors receive a base com­mis­sion of 60% of their sales with the poten­tial to earn up to 70% by vol­un­teer­ing. No need to wait months for your clothes to sell at a con­sign­ment store or the has­sle of orga­niz­ing a garage sale, just to make a few dol­lars. You have the free­dom to set your price, so you con­trol how much you will make. We pro­vide the loca­tion and do all of the adver­tis­ing. All you need to do is tag your items, drop them off and we do the rest. You receive a check for the items that you sold in 2 weeks.



The first step to become a con­signor is to reg­is­ter. To reg­is­ter, click on the appro­pri­ate sale on the right of the page.  Click the ‘reg­is­ter’ but­ton. There is a $15 reg­is­tra­tion fee to reserve your spot at the sale. The reg­is­tra­tion fee helps cover the costs of space rental, print­ing, postage, dis­play racks, sup­plies, adver­tis­ing, etc. Refer three friends to con­sign and we will waive your reg­is­tra­tion fee. Email us and pro­vide us with the names and con­signor num­bers of the friends you have referred. The fee will be returned to you when checks are issued after the sale. The friends you refer must enter your name in the “referred by” field on the web­site when they register.

Dur­ing reg­is­tra­tion you will be asked to pro­vide con­tact infor­ma­tion. We use this infor­ma­tion to con­tact you with updates on the sale and to send detailed instruc­tions for prepar­ing your items for the sale. **Please be advised, all com­mu­ni­ca­tions are done through emails, please make sure to read all emails sent for instruc­tions, updates and deadlines.**

Once you have com­pleted reg­is­tra­tion you will receive a con­signor num­ber via email. You will use your con­signor num­ber to access the online inven­tory system.

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Consignor Guidelines

When decid­ing what clothes to con­sign, please remem­ber our num­ber one guide­line: if you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell it! We only accept items that are no more than 2–3 years old, in excel­lent con­di­tion, do not look worn, are free of stains, tears and pet hair and are not dated. Please remem­ber that our shop­pers are look­ing for trendy, in style items.

We accept women’s cloth­ing in 0 to plus sizes in the fol­low­ing categories:

Cloth­ing - casual sweaters, shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, shorts, capri pants, jeans, sleepwear

Pro­fes­sional Wear - dress suits, pant suits, blaz­ers, jackets

Acces­sories - Hand­bags, shoes, boots, san­dals, belts, scarves

Jew­elry –designer inspired jew­elry, cos­tume jew­elry, ster­ling sil­ver, pen­dants, watches (must have bat­tery), neck­laces, rings, bracelets, anklets, sea­sonal pins, earrings

We do not accept, under­gar­ments, bathing suits, for­mal wear, bridal gowns, com­pany logo or ‘vaca­tion’ t-shirts with state or city logos.

We hold 2 sales per sea­son in each city. For the spring sales, we only accept warm weather items. No coats, sweaters, win­ter boots or cos­tumes will be accepted. For the fall sales, only cold weather items, no shorts, sum­mer dresses, san­dals or beach wear.

There is a min­i­mum of 25 and max­i­mum of 300 items in order to par­tic­i­pate in the sale. Con­signors receive a base com­mis­sion of 60% of their total sales. All con­signors will receive a pass to the pri­vate pre-sale.   Entrance times depend on the num­ber of hour you vol­un­teer. Con­signors that vol­un­teer can receive up to 70% of total sales and ear­lier admis­sion to the pre-sale. See the vol­un­teer page for more information.


Tags are cre­ated using the online tag­ging sys­tem. The tag­ging sys­tem cre­ates bar coded tags to eas­ily mon­i­tor inven­tory. To cre­ate the tags, enter the size, cat­e­gory and item descrip­tion. Dur­ing item entry you will also need to deter­mine if

you will sell at full price, sell at 50% off on dis­count day or donate unsold items. Once the items are set up, print the tags on 8 ½ x 11 paper using card­stock (reg­u­lar paper is not accepted). The tags print 10 to a page. Sim­ply cut the tags and attach them to your items using a tag­ging gun (no safety pins allowed).

When enter­ing items, be as descrip­tive as pos­si­ble. We require that the item brand be printed on the tag. For exam­ple, use ‘Pink Ralph Lau­ren Cardi­gan’ instead of ‘Pink Sweater’. This is nec­es­sary to help us look up an item in the event a tag gets sep­a­rated from the garment.

Once you have cre­ated the tags, hang all tops and dresses on wire hang­ers. Wire hang­ers can be col­lected from local dryclean­ers, pur­chased at Wal-Mart, KMart, 99 Cent Store, etc., or ordered in bulk here. For skirts, pants and capris, do not place on wire hang­ers. We pro­vide pant hang­ers for these items. Bring them neatly folded and place them on the pant hang­ers when you arrive for your drop off appoint­ment. All gar­ments should be hung with the hanger’s hook point­ing left (hanger should resem­ble a ques­tion mark when look­ing at the front of item). For items that will be sold as a set, place the shirt on the hanger and we will pro­vide a pant hanger at your drop off appoint­ment. At that time you can rub­ber band the items together. For sets, print a tag for each item and write “1 of 2” and ‘2 of 2’ on the tag to iden­tify them as a set. For any item that may fall off the hanger (tank top or spaghetti strap dresses) secure rub­ber bands to each side of the hanger to pre­vent the straps from falling off, or you can pur­chase no slip grips  here. For items with­out straps such as sleeve­less dresses we will pro­vide pant hang­ers to hang the items. We do not allow safety pins on any items.

When tag­ging items, the tag must be attached with a tag­ging gun to the item label or through a seam in the gar­ment. This will allow the shop­per to eas­ily flip through the cloth­ing and the tags will all be located in the same posi­tion. Tag­ging guns may be obtained from an office sup­ply store or pur­chased here. This site will ship you a tag­ging gun, nee­dle and 1000 barbs for $9.99 includ­ing ship­ping and insur­ance. Allow 2 weeks for your tag­ging gun to arrive.

Once all of your items have been tagged, sort cloth­ing accord­ing to size and cat­e­gory and rub­ber band each size of each cat­e­gory together so they can be quickly placed in their area at drop-off. Please note that we do not allow safety pins, straight pins or sta­ples for tagging.

For shoes, use a string or curl­ing rib­bon to ensure the shoes are not sep­a­rated. Be sure to make the string or rib­bon long enough so that cus­tomers can eas­ily try on the shoes (usu­ally 10 inches of string or rib­bon). For shoes that can­not be attached with a string or curl­ing rib­bon, use pack­ing tape to attach a tag to the bot­tom of one shoe (it is not nec­es­sary to label both). For jew­elry, attach tags to neck­laces and bracelets using a string (we find curl­ing rib­bon works nicely). This will enable us to dis­play them so they can be seen . Ear­rings can be attached directly to the item tag. Do not put jew­elry in plas­tic bags. For purses, attach the tag to the han­dle using a string or rib­bon. Stuff the purse with tis­sue or any type of paper (except newsprint which stains). Attach tags to watches using curl­ing rib­bon. All watches must have bat­ter­ies and be in work­ing order.

At your drop off appoint­ment, your items must be clean, free of stains, tears and pet hair and neatly pressed for the best pre­sen­ta­tion. A lit­tle extra work in the prepa­ra­tion of your clothes goes a long way in sell­ing them. All items will be inspected at check-in. Any items that do not meet our require­ments will not be admit­ted in to the sale.

Dur­ing all sales, many hands will touch the items and some tags will be sep­a­rated from their items. Check to make sure all items have securely attached tags. It is your respon­si­bil­ity to make sure the tags are securely attached as we can­not be respon­si­ble for items with­out a tag. Please fol­low the tag­ging guide­lines exactly.

It is rare, but loss due to theft and dam­age do occur. We require that all con­signors sign a waiver releas­ing Dress on a Dime from lia­bil­ity for losses. You can help to min­i­mize this by ensur­ing that all tags are securely attached to items. Again, these instances are rare, but they do occur.



You have the free­dom to set the price for your items. There is a $2 min­i­mum, and we use $.50 incre­ments for pric­ing. As a pric­ing guide­line, we sug­gest 70–80% off orig­i­nal retail. The lower your price, the bet­ter the items will sell. Use the orig­i­nal price as your guide­line and take the brand into con­sid­er­a­tion. For exam­ple, shop­pers will know that Gap items gen­er­ally do not retail for more than DKNY items, there­fore, if it costs more at the sale, it will most likely not sell. On Sun­day, the last day of the sale, you can choose to have your items dis­counted by 50% as an added incen­tive to buy­ers. You will need to check the dis­count box dur­ing the tag cre­ation to allow your item to be sold at a dis­count. If you do not check the box, the items will only be sold at full price for the entire sale. The third option is to donate. You must check this on the tag­ging web­site when you are set­ting up the items. If you check this field, your items will be donated to local char­i­ties at the end of the sale and you do not need to pick them up.

Drop-off and Pick-up

You will be asked what your con­signor num­ber is when you drop off or pick up your items. Every­thing is ref­er­enced by this num­ber. Please know your con­signor num­ber! At drop off or pick up, all con­signors are required to vol­un­teer for (1) hour to assist in set­ting up or break­ing down the sale. This is required of all con­signors, you can sign up for these shifts from the con­signor home page.

On your drop-off day bring a self-addressed stamped enve­lope. Mark the enve­lope with your con­signor num­ber in the bot­tom left cor­ner. If you do not have an enve­lope and stamp at your drop off appoint­ment, you can pur­chase one for $1.

Item drop off is the week prior to the sale. Drop off appoint­ments can be sched­uled online from the con­signor home page. At check-in we will inspect the items to make sure they are neatly pressed and free of stains or tears. Once your items have been inspected, we will place them on the sales floor. Please plan to be present dur­ing the entire check-in process. Con­signors are required to assist with plac­ing their items on the racks to expe­dite the check-in process.

After the sale, items that do not sell, con­signors must pick up. We assign a pick up day for unsold items. If you choose not to pick up your items dur­ing this time, your items will be donated for you. Items that are marked donate will be donated to local char­i­ties on your behalf. Unclaimed items not marked for dona­tion become the prop­erty of Dress on a Dime. Dress on a Dime will donate any unclaimed items to local charities.

At the close of busi­ness each day we upload the sales so you can view which of your items sold. At the end of the sale you can view your total sales. Con­signor checks are mailed to you within 14 days after the sale